Call for columns for Anthropology News

As a section of the AAA, ASAP has a regular column in Anthropology News, located in Section News. We invite you to submit articles — 1,000 words in length — that present your research findings and perspectives. The articles should be based on published (or shortly forthcoming), yet current and topical, research in the anthropology of policy. Please note that advocacy pieces not based on grounded research do NOT fall under this purview. Please submit columns or column ideas to ASAP column editor Anette Nyqvist ([email protected]).

Anth of policy listserv is now operational

The anthropology of policy listserv is now operational. If you are not receiving messages from the list (labelled “asap-l”), you can request subscription by sending an email to [email protected]. For the moment, this is a one-way list, so if you have something you would like to post, also send it to the list manager at that same email.