ASAP seeks nominations for Secretary-Treasurer

The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) seeks nominations for the office of Secretary-Treasurer, a formal By-laws Officer for which we will be holding an election in 2014. The Secretary-Treasurer serves a three year term and is a member of the ASAP Executive Committee, engaged in all leadership discussions concerning the current activities and future direction of the association.

The formal duties of the Secretary-Treasurer include submitting a draft budget to the ASAP Executive Committee, and drafting the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Executive Committee and the Business Meetings and distributing them within thirty days of the meeting.

To nominate a fellow ASAP member or to nominate yourself, please send your nomination to Marietta Baba, ASPA Co-President Elect and Chair of the Nominating Committee, at [email protected] by February 14, 2014 If you are self-nominating, please send a statement of interest and a CV or resume to Marietta Baba at the same e-mail address, also by February 14.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marietta Baba
Cris Shore
Nominating Committee

Information request from Brazil: Science & tech policy

Hi all. I am a professor at UNICAMP in Brazil (Science and Technology Policy Dept), and would like to know if anyone has worked, or can direct me to papers relating to anthropology (or ethnographic work) of science and tech policy, science-policy interface, and related topics. I would very much appreciate any help, as I am a novice to this topic! I also have several PhD students working on this that would greatly benefit. Best, Marko Monteiro ( [email protected] ).

Announcement: April doctoral course in Copenhagen on public sector ethnography

A doctoral course will be offered from 7-9 April 2014 at the Copenhagen Business School: “New ways of doing Ethnography – using network strategies to understand the everyday life in the public sector.” This is a course for doctoral students about doing ethnographic research in the public sector — specifically with focus on front-line administration. The faculty include Professor Rod Rhodes (University of Southampton and Griffith University, Australia), Associate Professor Anne Reff Pedersen (Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School), Post-doc Karen Boll (Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School), and Guest lecturer Assistant Professor Nina Holm Vohnsen (Department of Anthropology, University of Aarhus).

Course and registration information are at: Questions to Karen Boll at [email protected].