CfP (AAA 2014): Transportation policy

Proposed AAA panel on transportation policy

Washington DC is an important node in the production of science and knowledge about transportation. Each January, the world’s most recognized transportation conference (TRB) take place in the city, congregating transportation experts, scientists, consultants and government officials from the global North and the South to discuss the latest policy trends and scientific advances in transportation. Taking advantage of this year’s AAA conference in Washington DC, we seek to bring together an often absent perspective in those transportation circuits: anthropological and ethnographic approaches to transportation policy.

If you are interested in presenting a paper or being the discussant please contact Sergio Montero at: [email protected]. More extensive information on this session is at:

New anthropology of policy book series

Cris Shore and Susan Wright are the editors of a new book series from Stanford University Press on the Anthropology of Policy. The series aims for a new agenda that promotes innovative approaches to the anthropology of policy from the way policies are conceptualized and performed and the roles they play in mobilizing actors and institutions and transforming political systems, to the methodological challenges their study poses for anthropology itself.

Further information is at the link here.

Please contact either of the editors for more  information:

Cris Shore:  [email protected]
Susan Wright:  [email protected]

Fellowship opportunity

The Leadership Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity for anthropologists early in their careers to learn about leadership opportunities within the association. Each year a group of three to five fellows is paired with a mentor chosen from among AAA leadership. Mentors are available to fellows throughout the year to answer questions related to AAA. Fellows shadow their mentors at the AAA Annual Meeting in meetings of the Executive Board, Association Committees, and Section Committees. In addition, fellows are invited to attend the AAA Donors Reception and a Leadership Fellows Social, bringing together past and present cohorts of fellows. Past Leadership Fellows have told us that their experience in the program “demystified the decision-making processes,” “fostered a strong network for me of young anthropologists,” and “gave me a better sense as to how to manage the AAA meetings.” Many go on to assume leadership roles in sections and committees after their term as a Fellow. According to Rebecca Galemba (U Denver), 2012 Leadership Fellow, had she not participated in the Leadership Fellows Program, she might not have had the courage to apply for undesignated seat on the AAA Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology. Heide Castañeda (U South Florida), 2011 Leadership Fellow, credits the Leadership Fellows Program with helping her achieve tenure by bringing visibility to her interest in service and leadership within the larger discipline of anthropology.

Learn more about the benefits of the Leadership Fellows Program and submit your application online <>. Applications must be submitted by March 15. All questions should be directed to Courtney Dowdall

Panel ideas for AAA meeting in D.C. (December 2014)

Dear ASAP Members:

I am writing to you as Section Program Editor to invite and encourage you to submit panel proposals for the 2014 AAA Meeting in Washington DC (3-7 December). “Producing Anthropology” is the theme of this year’s annual meeting. To quote the AAA website, ‘Producing Anthropology … offers a provocation to examine the truths we encounter, produce and communicate through anthropological theories and methods’ [see ]. This theme should lend itself particularly well to debates within the anthropology of policy.

The deadline for proposals is April 15, but now is a good time to start thinking and planning for December.

Please send your abstracts – or ideas for a panel – to me, Cris Shore [[email protected]] and to Marietta Baba [[email protected]].

With Best Wishes,
Cris Shore
Department of Anthropology
The University of Auckland   

Looking for Taiwan or Singapore paper for session at AAA meetings in D.C. (December 2014)

I am looking to add a paper to a panel on the policy aspects of migration and diversity in East Asia. The general intent is to move beyond critique of policy toward a more careful attention to the way in which policy discussion reflects actual revisions in public and governmental thinking. The panel covers China (both mainland and Hong Kong), Japan, and Korea. But we would like to add a paper either on Taiwan or Singapore. The session abstract is here.

If you are interested, please contact David Haines