Collegial request: Literature on Human Resources policies

Dear Anthropology of Policy folk,

I am looking for recommendations on items to include in a literature review on the anthropology of Human Resources policies and Human Resources Management, and similar, specifically in international NGOs or international development institutions. Any suggestions are welcome!

I am working so far with the following: Galit Sarfaty (Values in Translation: Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank, Stanford UP 2012) discusses the Bank’s preference for economists on staff and the hierarchy among the different social scientists and lawyers working in the Bank – no express discussion of hr policies per se, I don’t think, but broadly about staff hierarchies and trajectories for differently qualified staff, which counts for my interests.

I am aware that Heather Hindman’s recent Mediating the Global (also Stanford, 2013) looks critically at some of the human resources management literature around expatriate employees. I have Peter Redfield’s Life in Crisis (California, 2013) on MSF, which covers some of their concerns around expatriate vs. local staff . I have David Mosse’s recent collection on the ethnography of development professionals and Hindman and Fechter’s collection on similar.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Rebecca Amanda Warne Peters at:   [email protected]

Journal issue on policy in Europe

Dear All: I want to bring to your attention the new Anthropological Journal of European Cultures special issue on culture, power and policy in the new Europe. Best, Bilge Firat, Istanbul Technical University


  • Crisis, Power, and Policymaking in the New Europe Why should Anthropologists Care? BILGE FIRAT
  • The Production of ‘Local Culture’ in Post-Socialist Poland JARO STACUL
  • Policy-Making in the Italian Courts: The Affermazione Civile Project and the Struggle over Recognition of Rights for Same-Sex Couples in Italy LAUREN A. ANAYA
  • Reproductive Governance in the New Europe: Competing Visions of Morality, Sovereignty, and Supranational Policy JOANNA MISHTAL
  • Food Activism in Italy as an Anthropology of Direct Democracy CRISTINA GRASSENI
  • The Accession Pedagogy: Power and Politics in Turkey’s Bid for EU Membership BILGE FIRAT

Call for Papers: Politics and ethics of responsibility

Call for Papers: International Conference

Keynote speakers
Professor Nikolas Rose (King’s College London)
Professor Cris Shore (University of Auckland)

Competing Responsibilities
The politics and ethics of responsibility in contemporary life

August 15th to 17th 2014
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Presented by the Anthropology Programme at Victoria University of Wellington and Anthropology in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Auckland.

Conference conveners: Dr. Catherine Trundle and Associate Professor Susanna Trnka

The deadline for submitting 200 word abstracts and short biographies (1-2 sentences) is June 1st 2014; email to both Catherine Trundle [email protected] and Susanna Trnka [email protected]. Selected papers will be invited to be part of an edited volume.

Full detail is at the continuation link.

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