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Dear ASAP Colleagues,

Time flies and we are already reaching the end of February. This is just a quick reminder to those of you who may be considering putting together a panel for the AAA meeting in Denver to start planning it soon. The deadline for submission (details below) is 15 April, but it is a good idea to start organizing your panel proposal sooner rather than later. At the Annual Business Meeting there were a lot of great suggestions for possible panel themes, including policy issues around health, environment, climate change, natural resources, security and media, among others.

We look forward to receiving your ideas.

Cris Shore
Program Committee
[email protected]

Requirements for Section Invited and Volunteered Submissions
Panel & Poster Submissions – Due April 15, 2015

Submissions consist of two sets of information.

Organizers are responsible for submitting the first set: the session abstract (of no more than 500 words), keywords, length of session, anticipated attendance, presenter names and roles. Organizers’ membership must be current unless eligible for a membership exemption (anthropologists living outside of the US/Canada or non-anthropologists) and have registered for the 2015 Annual Meeting. Organizers must submit this information by 5:00pm EDT Tuesday, April 15, 2015.

Presenters are responsible for submitting the second set: their own individual abstracts (of no more than 250 words), paper title and keywords. Organizers are NOT able to upload individual abstracts on behalf of presenters on the panel. Presenters must be current members unless eligible for a membership exemption (anthropologists living outside of the US/Canada or non-anthropologists) and have paid registration for the 2015 Annual Meeting in order to upload abstract information. Presenters must submit this information by 5:00pm EDT Tuesday, April 15, 2015.

Full details are at

Call for papers: Citizenship and the politics of parenting

Call for Papers for a Panel at the AAA Meetings in Denver, November 18-22, 2015

Intimate Negotiations: Citizenship and the Politics of Parenting

Conveners: Eileen Moyer (University of Amsterdam) and Anouk de Koning (Radboud University)

This panel examines how citizenship is negotiated in the highly intimate, yet deeply political domain of parenting. It thereby ‘makes strange’ the technologies of power that operate in and through this ‘familiar’ domain. By examining parenting as a site for contestation over good citizenship, this panel builds on and extends feminist scholarship on the connections between gender and the nation. Citizenship is used here to refer to membership and participation in civic life. We propose to focus on what good citizenship is seen to entail in the domain of parenting, and how such ideas are negotiated and contested.

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AAA meeting in Denver

The following is an email from Ann Stahl on this year’s AAA meeting in Denver. Note the deadlines in particular — especially the final deadline of April 15. Also, remember you can use this listserv as a way to solicit involvement in sessions. Just send your comments/requests to [email protected].

From Ann Stahl:

I am writing to you as section assembly leader for the Association for the Anthropology of Policy in my capacity as Chair of the 2015 Executive Program Committee (EPC) for the Denver AAA meetings, the theme of which is “Familiar/Strange.”  I’m hoping that your membership will find this a resonant theme and that it will prompt engagement among them, particularly as we are seeking to connect the meeting with pressing issues confronting our host community, as outlined in an attached column that will be appearing shortly in the electronic edition of the Anthropology News.

Pasted in below, you’ll find links where the meeting theme is described. Perhaps you can pass this information along to your membership? I would be pleased to see a proposal from among your section membership for an Executive session at the meetings. The due date for proposals is Feb 17. Though invited sessions no longer need to be linked to the meeting’s theme, I’m also hopeful that your colleagues will find the “Familiar/Strange” theme sufficiently engaging that some will. With a deadline of April 15, there is more time for planning of those.

With all best wishes,
Ann Stahl, 2015 AAA EPC Chair
Professor & Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria, BC Canada

Meeting Central with short version of theme:
Submission Categories and Deadines:
Call for Papers:
Session Types and Submission Information:
EPC & Site Committee membership:

AAA anthropology in public policy award

The American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology in Public Policy Award honors anthropologists whose work has had a significant, positive influence on the course of government decision-making and action. A biennial award of the AAA Committee on Public Policy (CoPP), the prize is made to an anthropologist nominated for a specific, policy-relevant accomplishment made within the past five calendar years. Public policy is broadly defined to include measures created by any type or level of government and addressing the full range of contemporary human problems.

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