New book series: Call for manuscripts

NGOgraphies: Ethnographic Reflections on NGOs book series

Series editors:

David Lewis and Mark Schuller

Editorial board:

Sonia E. Alvarez (U Mass Amherst), Michael Barnett (The George Washington University), Erica Bornstein (U Wisconsin Milwaukee), Inderpal Grewal (Yale University), Lamia Karim (University of Oregon), Anke Schwittay (University of Sussex), Aradhana Sharma (Wesleyan University), and Thomas Yarrow (Durham University)

NGOs are ripe subjects for a renewed anthropological inquiry that can advance the conversation between scholars and practitioners beyond the “evaluative” approach that has characterized much of the social science work to date. NGOgraphies books present ethnographic field research, a global/comparative frame of study, and a holistic view that connects NGOs with other aspects of sociocultural realities. The series offers state-of-the-art topical and reflective monographs and edited collections by both established and emerging scholars.

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Journal issue: Services to children and families

The following special journal issue in the Annals of Anthropological Practice
may be of interest to ASAP members and friends. Apologies for any cross-posting.

The Role of Anthropology in Improving Services for Children and Families
Available at:

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Final call for papers: ASAP at IUAES in Dubrovnik

ASAP’s three panels at the IUAES Inter-Congress in Dubrovnik next May 4 – 9 have been formally accepted. We have a variety of papers in all three panels, but can accommodate a few more. (The IUAES format is a bit more elastic than the AAA.) So if you are interested in any of the three, you can submit a paper on the IUAES site and choose the panel title from the site’s drop down menu of “paper topic.” You may also want to contact the session organizers directly for more information.

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Job announcement: Environmental policy

Apologies for cross-posting but this open-discipline position
may be of particular interest to anth-of-policy people.

The University of Central Florida is seeking applicants for an Associate/Full Professor position in environmental policy and coastal political geography. The candidate must have a Ph.D. from an accredited institution in political science, geography, or a related discipline, such as ecological policy/political geography or environmental anthropology/sociology.  Applicants should have expertise in public policy related to coastal environments and infrastructure planning, and should have experience in interdisciplinary, environmental social science with a focus on public policy and coastal ecology. The coastal focus is part of an interdisciplinary cluster that addresses the coastal zone as a single integrated ecological-social-economic system. The candidate will have a record of scholarly accomplishments, including evidence of research development, external research funding, and a strong teaching record with the ability to teach and mentor students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Full position details are at: (and are included below)

Background on the coastal cluster is at:

Warning: The review of applications is now already beginning but will remain open until the position is filled.

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Call for papers: IUAES in Dubrovnik

With apologies for cross-posting, please find below a Call for Papers for a panel to be held during the IUAES2016 Inter-Congress in Dubrovnik, 4-9 May 2016.

Panel title: Global complexity and local entanglements: Public anthropologies in/of late industrialism

Panel short abstract: The panel aims to explore different forms of public anthropologies in/of late industrialism and problematize contemporary interrelated systems of global and local interdependencies, which incessantly are being reconstituted through the interactions of numerous scales, variables and forces.
Panel Text:

Following Kim Fortun, we argue that the contemporary world can be defined in terms of late industrialism, which features the entanglements of global and local, government and business, law and politics, nature and science. It embraces various social, cultural, political, economic and technical nested systems, which are involved in multiple interactions. Therefore, various contemporary discourses and practices should be analyzed as spaces of deliberation, working through problems and encounters aimed to provoke new idioms for grasping and attending to current realities. They create a sort of polyvocal entity, however, understood not in terms of pluralism as such, but rather in terms of “performing the labor of difference”. We argue that the proposed approach to the contemporary can result in engaging anthropology in public in a more critical manner.

The panel seeks to recapture the holistic perspective of anthropological endeavor without lapsing into simplistic universalizations, homogenizations and unifications. By means of ethnographically and theoretically informed case studies, we aim to enhance the existing anthropological knowledge about interconnected and mutually depended realms of the late industrial condition. Thereby, it will also explore different forms of publically and critically engaged anthropologies, which deal with current global and local entanglements by avoiding the teleological understanding of activism. We invite all the authors, whose anthropological insights may shed a new light on various issues of the contemporary world including, but not limited to: migration and mobility, gender and sexuality, social movements, political and economic strategies in the age of neoliberal capitalism.

The deadline for submitting a paper is 31 January 2016. If you are interested in our panel, please visit the website and follow the instructions:

Kind regards,

Monika Baer (Convenor)           Marek Pawlak (Co-Convenor)
[email protected]         [email protected]
University of Wroclaw                Jagiellonian University in Cracow