ASAP monthly update: July 2018

Notable recently

Cansu Civelek, ASAP’s grad student representative is in Brazil for the IUAES meeting. She is doing occasional reports for ASAP. See us on Facebook and Instagram.

The latest ASAP column appears on line as well as in the summer print edition of Anthropology News. It is as follows:

Forecasting Policy Trends
By Kristina Hook
Originally: Anthropology News Online (July 13, 2018)
Temporary link is here

Describes opportunities for anthropologists “to inject a human-focused approach” in the area of predictive technologies for public policy questions.

“Future prognostications tend to baffle each successive generation, as familiar technologies and approaches branch off in surprising directions. Predicting the future of anthropological policy studies, including its makings, workings, contexts, agents, and effects, is thus akin to tracing an individual wave during a tsunami.”

“To effectively engage a policy process, we must aim to make our contributions actionable—not just interesting. To do so, while remaining true to our strengths of nuance and complexity, integrated anthropological approaches across our field’s subfields promise sophisticated methodologies for incorporating gradation—a toolkit that is useful even to big data evangelists.”

Coming up

For those of you who may be going to the EASA meeting in Stockholm this summer, Cris Shore and Susan Wright will have a panel on “The Anthropology of Policy Revisited.” See the program for details on place and time:

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