Anthropology in Action: Small grant event support

Anthropology in Action has a small sum of money saved which we would like to use to support events and activities relevant to our aims. If you are interested in organizing a relevant event or seminar, please contact us with an outline proposal. We encourage you to think creatively about what ‘anthropology in action’ means and the sorts of participants that could be involved – for example, events could be mixed media and include participants who engage with anthropology but are not necessarily anthropologists.

Proposals will be considered by the editorial board of Anthropology in Action and the ASA Apply network convenors on the following basis:

  • The event is relevant to our aims and remit, with a focus on ‘engaged’ anthropology
  • The organisers will submit an event report to the journal for the issue following the event, in a format agreed with the editorial board.
  • The geographical location is open
  • The upper limit of funds to be applied for will be £300. A budget should be submitted to show how the money applied for will be spent.

The proposal must explain how the event will generate an article or special issue for the journal.

Proposals should be sent to me by the 30th of April 2014 to [email protected]