ASAP at Dubrovnik: Call for papers on migration

The following provides more detail on the migration-related panel ASAP is organizing for the IUAES meeting next year in Croatia.


Cross-Regional Comparison of Migration/Displacement Policy Regimes:
East Asia, Europe, and North America

Panel for the Inter Congress of the International Association of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. Dubrovnik, Croatia; May 4 – 9, 2016.


This panel initiates a cross-regional analysis of policies related to international migration and internal displacement in East Asia, Europe, and North America. All three regions share a concern about low wage foreign workers, an often strident defense of national borders, and  increasingly equivocal views of the values of newcomers. In all three regions there is also concern with internal rural to urban migration as well as displacement due to land acquisition by the state or corporations for factories, development or infrastructure projects, which blurs the boundaries between “forced/involuntary” and “voluntary” movement. Issues of control of borders and populations as well as of resettlement and rehabilitation are thus central to policy-making and policy implementation. Whereas the nation-state is the main policy actor with respect to migration regimes, displacement and resettlement policies also involve international donors and financial institutions. The role of non-state actors in the policy process remains under-researched. All regions are also involved in lowering the barriers to movement for some mobile groups, whether “highly qualified” professional workers, students, or tourists. The regions’ overlapping interests and disinterests thus provide a useful comparative framework through which to consider how an anthropology of policy can make sense of the multiplicity of actors and mechanisms that channel and constrain mobility, and the way the meanings of borders and boundaries, institutions and mechanisms vary among different kinds of migrants or displaced persons and communities, at different times, and in different places.

Call for Papers

On behalf of the Association for the Anthropology of Policy, we are interested in bringing together scholars, who can contribute to an opening foray in the construction of a broader cross-regional comparative framework for the anthropology of policy. We are focusing here on migration and displacement, since these are increasingly important and volatile policy domains, and on East Asia, North America, and Europe because the three regions share a number of the same political, economic, and social challenges to which they are responding in sometimes similar and sometimes dissimilar ways. We are interested in papers on internal and international migration, displacement, voluntary and forced migration, ad hoc and regulated mobility.

This is intended as an open, exploratory session so a mix of theoretical and descriptive papers, academics and practitioners is sought. If you would like to participate please contact either or both of us giving us an idea of the topic you plan to address: David Haines at [email protected] and Shalini Randeria at [email protected].

Full conference information is available at:

David Haines, Professor of Anthropology, George Mason University, USA
Shalini Randeria, Rector, Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna, Austria