ASAP monthly update – February 2017

Notable this past month

ASAP and SUNTA are pursuing a joint focus on refugees. See the interim website at and a call for short articles for Anthropology News on how to maintain refuge under the current challenges: see link here

Two ASAP columns this past month have reviewed section activities for 2016 in general and in terms of sessions we held at the AAA annual meetings in Minneapolis.

You can always access ASAP AN columns on the “ASAP Forum” tab on our web page:

Coming up

Planning goes forward for sessions at the AAA meetings in Washington, D.C. this November. Calls for papers will appear periodically on the listserv and the web page.

Our next column in Anthropology News will be Cansu’s Civelek’s reflections on “Presidential Elections in Austria and the Rise of the Far Right.” It should appear in early March.

We are looking for people who would like to contribute as guest editors on our Instagram site and as guest correspondents for our Facebook page.

Instagram: Guest editors take over the account for 15 day periods – during which time they post photos from or evocative of their field sites. Photos are accompanied by short narratives variously describing the image, explaining a bigger issue the image evokes, or a direct quote from an informant. Wide latitude is given to contributors to use the platform as an expression of their work and the voices of their interlocutors.

Facebook: Your task: report in words, pictures, or both, on the intersection of anthropology and policy for a topic of your choice. Could be policy sessions at a professional meeting (e.g., SfAA), your ongoing research, or reports from the front lines on how such issues as refugees, borders, health care, and the very logic of public policy are being challenged today.

See Facebook and Instagram contacts below.

As always you can find us . . .

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Key contacts

Eric Cheng for the listserv at: [email protected] or [email protected]
David Haines for the web at: [email protected]
Georgia Hartman for Instagram at: [email protected]
Carol McLennan for the ASAP program in Washington at: [email protected]
Ted Powers and Judi Pajo regarding the ASAP column in AN at: [email protected] and [email protected]
Jason Scott for Facebook and Twitter at: [email protected]