ASAP monthly update

ASAP monthly update — February 2018

Notable recently

The most recent ASAP column in Anthropology News has just been published:

“The Neighborhood School Stigma: School Choice, Stratification, and Shame”
By Julia McWilliams
Anthropology News Online (February 15, 2018)
Temporary link is here

Provides an abbreviated version of one of the winners of ASAP’s 2017 graduate student paper prize.

“In cities like Philadelphia, the maintenance of two parallel educational systems—one charter, the other district—has also strained budgets and contributed to fiscal crises that have further divested traditional district schools of critical resources. How are youth, teachers, and staff in neighborhood schools responding to these conditions . . .”

“This research not only questions how market stratification impacts access to quality public education but also how school choice shapes students’ attachment and belief in their schools as places of hope and promise as the term “neighborhood school” becomes increasingly deployed as a slur.”

The ASAP nominations slate has now been submitted to the AAA. For co-presidents-elect, Bill Beeman and Christina Garsten will be running as a single team. That preserves our intent to have a team that represents both the U.S. and overseas. For officer-at-large, there are three candidates, Bilge Firat, Jennifer Hubbert, and Andrew Tarter. Details will be available with the usual AAA ballot later this spring.

For those of you following the AAA deliberations on dues, the ASAP executive committee is expressing serious reservations about the process to the AAA. If you want to follow that discussion, contact Diane O’Rourke, ASAP secretary/treasurer, at [email protected]  There will likely be multiple rounds of deliberation and discussion. The ASAP executive committee is especially worried that the actual flow of money between the AAA and the sections is not clear, and the plan to include one section membership within AAA dues has the potential to pit high dues and low dues sections against each other.

Coming up

There will be two Anthropology News segments coming up soon that provide annual updates from the section leadership: a general overview of ASAP in review and prospect from the Co-Presidents (David Haines and Cris Shore) and a reflection on ASAP sessions at the Washington, DC AAA meetings from the Co-Presidents-Elect (Carol MacLennan and Paul Stubbs).

Note also that minutes from the ASAP business meeting, along with the financial and communication reports for 2017, are now available online. Just look under “Resources” on the ASAP web page at

Remember that the listserv and web are available to announce potential sessions for the AAA meeting in San Jose–or for any other conferences that may be relevant to the anthropology of policy. Send those to Eric Cheng, the listserv coordinator at [email protected].

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