Book announcement: Children and humanitarian interventions

Dear All (apologies for cross-posting), 
We are proud to announce that our forthcoming volume 
is now available for pre-order from Palgrave as part of their Children and Development series. 
Co-edited by me and Aviva Sinervo (SFSU), containing chapters from up-and-coming childhood and development studies scholars, and covering most regions of the world, the volume critically considers how transnational charitable industries are created and mobilized around childhood need by exploring how humanitarian interventions for children in difficult circumstances engage in affective commodification and objectification of disadvantaged childhoods. We argue that though these processes can help achieve the goals of donors and aid organizations, they can also perpetuate the conditions that organizations seek to alleviatethereby endangering the very children they intend to help.
Please find a flyer with a 20% discount code attached to this email. Discount good until Dec 12th. You can also reserve an online book review copy here.

Kristen Cheney, PhD.
Associate Professor, Children & Youth Studies
International Institute of Social Studies
The Hague, Netherlands