Call for column contributions

Dear ASAP members,

As a new year begins, we write to solicit contributions to the Anthropology News column that focus on the anthropology of policy. Contributions to the column can be offered in three forms, outlined below.

First, we invite contributions aimed at the print issues of Anthropology News. These columns should focus on published anthropological research that offers critical insight into the policy process. These columns should be a maximum of 1,000 words in length.

Second, starting this past year, the ASAP Anthropology News column began offering book reviews for recent contributions to the anthropological literature on the study of policy. We will continue the reviews in the coming year and invite authors, potential reviewers, and others to suggest relevant books for consideration.

Finally, we are inviting contributions for online columns that focus on policy issues raised by high profile political events. These columns should link anthropological insights on the policy process with social debates and current political events such as the US Presidential Elections, the Paris Climate Conference, the AAA annual meeting, and others of this ilk. These columns can be as short as 500, but no longer than 1000, words in length.

Please get in touch with either one of us if you have questions or suggestions for the column.

Judi Pajo and Theodore Powers (co-contributing editors)

Contact information:
Judi Pajo: [email protected]
Theodore Powers: [email protected]