Call for input: ASAP column for AN

Call for ideas — brief paragraph only

“Anthropological Futures” is the theme of the Sections Edition of Anthropology News that will be published in July/August 2018, and we are asking for your input.

Last year, we polled ASAP members and pulled together a column on what the anthropology of policy is, to speak to readers across the discipline and give them a better idea of what folks with research and experience in this area have to offer.

This year, we will take a similar approach, and survey members, but with the new theme in mind: Where is the anthropology of policy headed? We would like section members to think about how anthropological perspectives on the policy process give insight into the future of anthropology and the future of the policy worlds in which anthropologists live and work today.

(1) How has anthropological research and experience with policy highlighted emerging trends that have subsequently emerged as central to contemporary sociocultural dynamics?

(2) How does current anthropological research and experience with policy underscore incipient political, economic, and cultural dynamics that may prove influential for future generations of anthropologists and others involved with policy?

(3) How have anthropologists analyzed the visions of the future and the values promoted in future-oriented policies in their research, both conceptually and empirically?

Please email a brief paragraph addressing some of the questions above to [email protected] and [email protected] by Wednesday, February 28.

We will then collate the responses, and circulate a draft of the article among the contributors. We encourage all of you to participate!

Ted Powers & Judi Pajo