Call for papers: Anth of business ethics

Ethics and ethical policies have become an integral part of organizational life. If you are an anthropologist of policy interested in this area, please consider contributing to this collection.

For an edited book in the Berghahn series Anthropology at Work, we are looking for additional contributors who would like to write about issues of business ethics or organizational ethics. The proposed volume will consist of ethnographic studies of ethical practices, discourses, or dilemmas in either the private business sector or in the work-life of organizations (public agencies/NGOs) (i.e., NOT on research/fieldwork ethics). The collection will undergo peer-review. Suggested topics could focus on issues such as ethical practices inside businesses/organizations, the ethics of organizations in society, how employees or organizations deal with ethical dilemmas, ethics training of employees, ethical management, ethical entrepreneurship, management of scandal, dealing with ‘bad apples’ inside the organization, ethical relations with clients, customers, third parties, target groups, etc. Articles could also incorporate recent discussions on Moral Anthropology.

For two examples of the anthropology of business ethics, see the collection in theJournal of Business Anthropology (special issue on business ethics), vol. 16 (3), 2016; or Dolan and Rajak’s edited volume The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility (which overlaps with business ethics). If you have an idea for an article for our prospective volume, please send any queries, title and abstract to the volume editor, Steven Sampson, Lund University, at [email protected]