Call for papers (IUAES): Statelessness

The open panel (OP164) on Statelessness at the IUAES conference in Brazil is still accepting paper abstracts. Your paper proposals must be submitted on line at the IUAES site by 25 March, but please send expressions of interest to Greg Acciaioli ([email protected]) or Diane O’Rourke. ([email protected]).

Panel abstract:

With over 10 million stateless people according to the UNHCR, statelessness has assumed heightened urgency with the intensified flows of refugees in recent years. Parties to the 1954 and 1961 Conventions on Statelessness are concentrated in only certain regions of the world and conspicuously absent in Asia. As exemplified by policies in such states as Myanmar, contemporary state actions are exacerbating rather than mitigating the global dilemmas of statelessness.

This panel evaluates how anthropology as a discipline and anthropologists as engaged actors can contribute to analyzing and ameliorating the condition of statelessness. The panel invites contributions that address any of the contemporary and historical dimensions of statelessness from anthropological perspectives. These might include consideration of such aspects as the drivers – economic, political, legal, social, cultural – causing statelessness, experiences of statelessness and the agency of the stateless in coping strategies, impacts upon livelihood possibilities, case studies of interventions that can reduce vulnerability, and others. We are particularly interested in analyses that relate statelessness to the transformations of the state and their implications for anthropological theories of the state. This panel is co-sponsored by the World Council of Anthropological Associations as part of its initiative focusing upon Mobilities and Immobilities and by the IUAES Commission on Theoretical Anthropology.

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