Call for papers: Panel on extraction policy in U.S.

Dear Colleagues:

I am organizing a panel for SfAA in Santa Fe (March 28-April 1) on Extraction Policy in the US. Those who work on mining, oil, or gas extraction issues encounter the policy process that governs permitting, waste cleanup, citizen engagement, and rules for decision-making. I welcome papers that provide insights into the multiple levels of extraction policy (federal, state, local) across multiple domains (hardrock mining, coal, oil, gas, and other extractions). Topics can include investigations of policies themselves or of community experience with policy processes in extraction.

My goal is to begin a discussion that focuses on the policy landscape from the point of view of extraction communities. Extraction policy is multi-faceted and extremely complex for citizens and communities to grasp. Embedded in these policies are assumptions about citizen rights, extraction economies, and environmental consequences that drive the decision-process. Also, extraction studies have progressed significantly such that we have many cases that illuminate community experience with extraction politics and policies. It is a good time to begin to assess extraction policy itself. Policy anthropologists, and political ecologists, and those in the ExtrACTION network have important insights to contribute here.

If you are interested, please send me a note by Saturday, October 8. Include your 100-word abstract and your name and affiliation. I will respond to all by Monday, October 10. Once the panel is organized, I will revise the panel title and abstract as needed to reflect the general approach of the papers. Once you hear back from me, you can then submit your abstract on the SfAA website. Remember that you have to register before you can submit your abstract. The final deadline to submit your abstract is October 15.

Tentative Title:
Extraction Policy in the US: Making sense of mining, oil, and gas policies and how communities engage the policy landscape

Tentative Panel Abstract:
How does extraction policy work in the US? How do communities navigate the complex rules that constitute extraction policy? The policy landscape for mining, oil and gas development, and other resource extraction is a complex fabric woven together by multiple state and corporate actors and has a profound effect on the ability of communities to live with and regulate the impact of resource extraction.  Papers in this panel investigate extraction from a policy angle with an eye toward explaining how communities engage the policies that establish the rules of extraction decision-making.

Carol MacLennan
Professor of Anthropology
Michigan Technological University
Email: [email protected]