Call for participation: Roundtable on cannabis policy

Call for participation – AAA in Denver
Roundtable on the Anthropology of Cannabis Policy

Participants are sought for a Roundtable on the Anthropology of Cannabis Policy for the 2015 Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Denver organized by the Association for the Anthropology of Policy. We are looking for a mix of anthropologists and non-anthropologists who deal with cannabis policy, cannabis use in all contexts, and governmental relations. Please note that participation as a presenter in a roundtable is considered a primary role. Presenters may not submit abstracts for individual paper participation in other panels. No abstract is required for presenters in this roundtable, but presenters must be members of the AAA and be registered for the conference. In the case of outside practitioners, waivers of registration and membership will be sought from the AAA. Please send an indication of interest in participation and suggestions for other participants to William O. Beeman, University of Minnesota <[email protected]>

William O. Beeman
Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology
University of Minnesota
395 HHH Center
301 19th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 625-3400
[email protected]

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