Collegial request: Literature on Human Resources policies

Dear Anthropology of Policy folk,

I am looking for recommendations on items to include in a literature review on the anthropology of Human Resources policies and Human Resources Management, and similar, specifically in international NGOs or international development institutions. Any suggestions are welcome!

I am working so far with the following: Galit Sarfaty (Values in Translation: Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank, Stanford UP 2012) discusses the Bank’s preference for economists on staff and the hierarchy among the different social scientists and lawyers working in the Bank – no express discussion of hr policies per se, I don’t think, but broadly about staff hierarchies and trajectories for differently qualified staff, which counts for my interests.

I am aware that Heather Hindman’s recent Mediating the Global (also Stanford, 2013) looks critically at some of the human resources management literature around expatriate employees. I have Peter Redfield’s Life in Crisis (California, 2013) on MSF, which covers some of their concerns around expatriate vs. local staff . I have David Mosse’s recent collection on the ethnography of development professionals and Hindman and Fechter’s collection on similar.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Rebecca Amanda Warne Peters at:   [email protected]