List of prior columns

Note: The following ASAP/IGAPP columns appeared in Anthropology News prior to 2014. At the moment, access
to them is only through AnthroSource.

Renita Thedvall, Stockholm University
Meeting Ethnography in Policy Research
Anthropology News, November/December 2013, pp. 37-38.

Susan B. Hyatt, Indiana University-Purdue University Indiana
Philanthropia: Putting Policy-Making in the Hands of the 1%
Anthropology News, July/August 2013, pp. 27-28.

Janine R. Wedel, George Mason University
ASAP Panels, Plans, and Publications
Anthropology News, March/April 2013, pp. 26-27

Marietta Baba, Michigan State University
Anthropology and Transnational Migration: A Focus on Policy
Anthropology News, December 2012, p. 38.

Luis F. B. Plascencia, Arizona State University
Reframing “Racial Profiling”
Anthropology News, October 2012, pp. 24-25.

Anette Nyqvist, Stockholm University
What “Reform” of the Swedish Pension System Could Mean for Your Retirement
Anthropology News, April 2012, p. 20

Marianne Butler
Dispatches from Montreal: Gillian Tett: “Anthropology, Policy, and the Global Financial Crisis”
Anthropology News, February 2012, p. 18

Cris Shore, University of Aukland
Susan Wright, Danish University of Education
Exploring Policy Worlds
Anthropology News, February 2012, p. 21.

Jill A. Rough, George Mason University
Soldiers, War and Sacrifice: How Ethnography Contributes to the Casualty Debate
Anthropology News, April 2011, Vol. 52, No. 4, pp. 18-19.

Raymond June, Global Integrity
The Avalanche of Indicators in Global Governance: Implications for the Anthropology of Policy
Anthropology News, October 2010, Vol. 51, No. 7, pp. 25-26.

Janine R. Wedel, George Mason University
Shadow Elite: How the Study of Post-Communist Societies Illuminates US Power Structures
Anthropology News, February 2010, Vol. 51, No. 3, p. 27.

Phil Parnell, Indiana University at Bloomington
Policy, Law and Religion in the Philippines
Anthropology News, November 2009, Vol. 50, No. 8, p. 25.

Susan Dewey, DePauw University
Choosing Sex Work over Public Assistance
Anthropology News, October 2009, Vol. 50, No. 7, p. 28.

Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College
The Headscarf Debate Reaches Bulgaria
Anthropology News, May 2009, Vol. 50, No. 5, pp. 31-32.

Tara A. Schwegler, University of Chicago
The Bankrupt Framework of Neoliberalism: A Bailout of Anthropological Theory
Anthropology News, April 2009, Vol. 50, No. 4, p. 24.

Susan Brownell, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Anthropology and the Beijing Olympics
Anthropology News, February 2009, Vol. 50, No. 2, p. 31.

William Maurer and Julia Elyachar, UC-Irvine
Fiscal Policy in Crisis
Anthropology News, December 2008, Vol. 49. No. 9, 24-25.

Elżbieta M. Goździak, Georgetown University
Anthropology and Migration Policy
Anthropology News, October 2008, Vol. 49, No. 7, p. 22.

Elaine Simon (University of Pennsylvania),
Eva Gold (Research for Action),
Jolley Bruce Christman 
(Research for Action)
Privatization Policy in Public Education: The Case of Philadelphia
Anthropology News, May 2008, Vol. 49, No. 5, p. 36.

William O. Beeman, University of Minnesota
IGAPP Prominent at DC Meeting
Anthropology News, April 2008, Vol. 49, No. 4, p. 33.

Tania Murray Li, University of Toronto
Examining Intersections with Policy in Indonesia
Anthropology News, January 2008, Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 31.

Winifred Tate, National Security Archives
Colombian State Human Rights Policies
Anthropology News, November 2007, Vol. 48, No. 8, p. 25.

Matthew Erie, Cornell University
Land Grab Here and Real Estate Market There: Property Law Reform in the People’s Republic of China
Anthropology News, May 2007, Vol. 48, No. 5, p. 36.

Laura Nader, UC Berkeley
Law—The Missing Link in Policy Studies
Anthropology News, April 2007, Vol. 48, No. 4, p. 35.

Susan Greenhalgh, UC Irvine
Anthropology of China’s One-Child Policy
Anthropology News, December 2006, Vol. 47, No. 9, p. 25.