Journal issue: Services to children and families

The following special journal issue in the Annals of Anthropological Practice
may be of interest to ASAP members and friends. Apologies for any cross-posting.

The Role of Anthropology in Improving Services for Children and Families
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The role of anthropology in improving services for children and families: An introduction
Cecilia Vindrola-Padros, Anne E. Pfister, and Ginger A. Johnson

Employing a multilevel approach to examine contraceptive service provision for youth in New York City
Hannah L. Helmy

War-affected children’s approach to resettlement: Implications for child and family services
Natasha Blanchet-Cohen and Myriam Denov

Policy doesn’t help us: Black feminist anthropology in the social work classroom
Riche J. Daniel Barnes

Deafness and sign language in a Yucatec Maya community: Emergent Ethnographic Practice
J. Paige MacDougall

Anthropology in the design of preventive behavioral health programs for children and families living in disadvantaged neighborhoods
Kathryn J. Azevedo and Thomas N. Robinson

A multilevel approach to knowledge sharing: Improving health services for families and children
Naheed Ahmed, Rupali J. Limaye, and Sarah V. Harlan

“You don’t take anything for granted”: The role of anthropology in improving services, policies, and parenting practices for adoptive families
Beatriz San Roman, Hugo Gaggiotti, and Diana Marre