New ASAP column available

The latest ASAP newsletter column is now available. See link in the description.

Notes from the Section Leadership: ASAP in Review and Prospect
By Carol MacLennan and Paul Stubbs (ASAP Co-Presidents)
Originally: Anthropology News Online (March 6, 2019)
Temporary link is here

Provides a review of ASAP by the two incoming co-presidents.

“Our finances remain strong, and we have a healthy surplus that we will put to good use in widening ASAP’s activities and, in particular, supporting graduate students, early career scholars, and attracting those outside academia and those working in disciplines in dialogue with the anthropology of policy to come to the AAA Annual Meeting.”

“In the future, we will continue to expand the activities of ASAP and use every opportunity to reflect on the state of the art of the anthropology of policy, some twenty years after it emerged as a branch of the discipline through the pioneering edited collection by Chris Shore and Susan Wright.”