Current ASAP officers are:

Co-Presidents: David Haines ([email protected]) and Cris Shore ([email protected])
Co-Presidents-Elect and Program Coordinators: Carol MacLennan ([email protected]) and Paul Stubbs ([email protected])
Secretary-Treasurer: Diane O’Rourke ([email protected])
Past President: Janine Wedel: ([email protected])
Graduate Student Representative: Cansu Civelek ([email protected])
Officer-at-Large: Jennifer Hubbert ([email protected])

Current appointed board and committee members are:

Newsletter Editors: Judi Pajo ([email protected]) and Theodore Powers ([email protected])

Communications Committee: David Haines, chair and web coordinator ([email protected]), Eric Cheng, listserv coordinator ([email protected]), Georgia Hartman, Instagram coordinator ([email protected]), and Jason Scott, Facebook and Twitter coordinator ([email protected])

Education Committee: Carol MacLennan, chair ([email protected]), Valoree Gagnon ([email protected]),  Kelly M. McKowen ([email protected]), Aaron Thornburg ([email protected]), and Joanna Mishtal ([email protected])

Committee on Public Policy School Outreach: Rebecca Peters ([email protected]), Marietta Baba ([email protected]), and Jennifer Hubbert ([email protected])

Committee on Membership Outreach: Bill Beeman, chair ([email protected]), Greg Feldman ([email protected]), Kelly M. McKowen ([email protected]), Bradley Levinson ([email protected]), and David Lewis ([email protected])