Panel ideas for AAA meeting in D.C. (December 2014)

Dear ASAP Members:

I am writing to you as Section Program Editor to invite and encourage you to submit panel proposals for the 2014 AAA Meeting in Washington DC (3-7 December). “Producing Anthropology” is the theme of this year’s annual meeting. To quote the AAA website, ‘Producing Anthropology … offers a provocation to examine the truths we encounter, produce and communicate through anthropological theories and methods’ [see ]. This theme should lend itself particularly well to debates within the anthropology of policy.

The deadline for proposals is April 15, but now is a good time to start thinking and planning for December.

Please send your abstracts – or ideas for a panel – to me, Cris Shore [[email protected]] and to Marietta Baba [[email protected]].

With Best Wishes,
Cris Shore
Department of Anthropology
The University of Auckland   

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